"How Far is Dementia from Us" - Researcher Li Juan's Public Service Speech at YiXi


Li Juan, a researcher from the Center for Psychogeriatric Research, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, presented a wonderful popular science lecture - "How far is dementia from us". Adhering to the concept of "improving the cognitive and emotional health of the elderly and improving the quality of life of the elderly", researcher Li Juan introduced the current situation of dementia at home and abroad, the pathogenesis and manifestations, the frontiers of research at home and abroad, the representative research results of our research group and the outlook of research.

From the speech of researcher Li Juan, we know that Alzheimer's is not far from everyone, it may be lurking around us; cognitive training, games and dance are effective means to alleviate cognitive or brain decline. At the same time, researcher Li Juan urged everyone to be more caring and understanding to the elderly around us.